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Human Resources

Human Resources

Society of Human Resource Management courses are offered several times a year to increase your management skills.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see full course descriptions.

For program information contact Dennis Carr at 541.463.5585 or

For registration information contact 541.463.6200 or

Professional Learning and Development Series

 Course Registration Number (CRN): 43946

Schedule Details: 8:30 am- noon   Day: Friday
Start Date: 04/11/2014    End Date: 05/09/2014
Hours: 4
Location: LCC Downtown Campus, 101 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, Room 312


Class Notes:

For more information or to register, call the Lane SBDC at 541.463.6200.

Professional Learning and Development Series

If you are looking for tips, tools and techniques to ignite your skills and engage learners, this is the series for you! Content of this workshop is relevant to trainers, HR professionals, managers and anyone who facilitates training or would like to learn more about training. The two modules of the series are designed to take you through the core elements of organizational learning. Each presenter will share their professional expertise acquired from years of working in the field of training and development. This series is presented by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)-Cascadia Chapter.

43946 - 8:30 am-noon Friday, April 11-May 9, DCA 312 - TBA (Series 4 hrs $89, modules 2 hrs $47)

Take the full series or sign up for individual modules ($47 each) below:

43846 - April 11, Module 1: Active Learning Tools

43847 - May 9, Module 2: Training that sticks

 For more information or to register, call the Lane SBDC at 541.463.6200

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Employer Boot Camp-Right People

 Course Registration Number (CRN): 33748

Schedule Details: Noon-1:30 pm   Day: Wednesday
Start Date: 03/19/2014    End Date: 03/19/2014
Instructor(s): Freeman
Hours: 1.5
Location: LCC Downtown Campus, 101 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, Room 312


Class Notes:

For questions about this workshop, contact the Lane SBDC office at 541.463.6200

Employer Boot Camp-Right People

Learn the number one rule about being an employer. Without it, business growth is stifled, costs multiply and profits disappear. This workshop will cover the importance of finding and keeping the right people. It will give you tools to make sure you do the right things to dramatically improve your opportunity for business success. 


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Human Resource Essentials®

 Course Registration Number (CRN): 43842

Schedule Details: 4-7 pm   Day: Thursday
Start Date: 04/03/2014    End Date: 05/01/2014
Instructor(s): Dennis Carr, M.S.I.R./SPHR/PHR, Executive Director for Human Resources, Lane Community College
Hours: 15
Location: LCC Downtown Campus, 101 West 10th Ave, Eugene, Room 303


Class Notes:

The course is made up of 5 classes of 3 hours each (15 hrs).  Class is limited to the first 24 students.

You will receive 1.5 CEUs from Lane or 15 PHR/SPHR/GPHR recertification hours upon completion and a certificate of completion from SHRM.

Text: HR Essentials of Human Resource Management materials with web tests and online tools to enhance your learning experience is included in class cost.

For program information contact Dennis Carr or 541.463.5585.

Register online or call the Lane SBDC at 541.463.6200. If dates are not listed, please check back or call for next availability and cost. 

Register by March 14, 2014 or a $50 late fee will be assessed.



Human Resource Essentials®


Sharpen fundamental HR skills to face today’s HR issues with the HR Essentials® of Human Resource Management Course

If you want to strengthen your employee management skills, gain valuable on-the-job effectiveness, protect your business from needless litigation, and help advance your career this course is for you.Whether you are new to HR or if HR is one of many roles you fulfill at your company, this program, offered in partnership with SHRM®, through the Lane SBDC covers the key HR topics you need to know. The courses will arm you with practical skills you can immediately apply to the responsibilities of the day-to-day operation of your position.

Build a solid foundation in HR management skills

By covering a breadth of practical HR topics, the course provides the knowledge to perform daily tasks. Through this course you will also:

  • Review key pieces of federal legislation on sexual harassment, age discrimination and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  • Gain insights into employee recruitment and selection while avoiding legal pitfalls.
  • Enhance your skills related to total compensation systems, pay increases and incentives, and employee benefits.
  • Increase your knowledge of employee orientation, onboarding, professional development, and training.

Small investment in quality training, big payback

Backed by SHRM’s track record of providing quality HR training, the HR Essentials of HR Management course covers the topics you need to meet key HR challenges that are relevant to you and your company. In 15 hours of training time, you can cover the issues you need to reduce potentially costly lawsuits.

Developed by leading HR experts, HR practitioners, and legal counsel, the SHRM® Essentials of HR Management course covers introductory HR topics in a condensed, easy-to-understand format. The straightforward format ensures that HR concepts can be mastered and applied to real-life situations. 

You’ll benefit from the shared experiences of your instructor and peers, while learning techniques for handling HR challenges through interactive case studies designed to make you feel comfortable dealing with HR issues.

Benefits for employees

Through the HR Essentials of Human Resource management course, participants can:

  • Attain knowledge and practical HR skills to effectively approach challenging HR issues.
  • Gain expertise in areas of HR management that are broader than the normal scope of your job.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest laws and regulations.
  • Increase your on-the-job confidence.
  • Utilize the course materials as one comprehensive source of HR information.
  • Earn up to 1.5 CEUs or 15 PHR®/SPHRF recertification hours and a certificate upon completion.

Benefits for companies

The HR Essentials of Human Resource Management course can help companies increase HR knowledge that is critical to overall business success. This course:

  • Reduces company's risk of potential high-cost litigation.
  • Promotes a consistent understanding of the HR function to non-HR management.
  • Offers professional development for divisional or departmental supervisors to ensure HR compliance.
  • Develops a common dictionary of HR terms for the entire organization.
  • Enhances the importance of the HR function within your company. 

Who should take this course?

Participants gain practical HR knowledge and the skills to improve HR job performance. This course can provide exceptional benefits to:

  • New HR practitioners who need to increase their knowledge base.
  • Staff who perform HR duties as part of their job and need a basic overview.
  • Experienced HR staff needing a refresher on newly instituted policies and legal compliance.
  • People managers interested in learning more about efficient and capable employee-management skills.
  • Global HR personnel wishing to increase their knowledge of fundamental U.S. HR practices.
  • HR professionals seeking career development who are not yet eligible for the PHR®/SPHR® exam.

Course content and materials

The HOUR Essentials of HR Management course balances printed materials, online learning, and live instructor support to meet your learning needs and schedule. 

  • Human Resource Management. Gain a clear understanding of the HR function.
  • Employment Law. Enhance your ability to apply key HR legislation.
  • Recruitment and Selection. Develop important skills for selecting employees.
  • Compensation and Benefits. Learn the key elements of a total compensation system.
  • Employee Development. Obtain an understanding of orientation, development, and training.
  • Performance Management. Discover the purpose and process for performance evaluation.
  • Copies of slides
  • Access to Web-based study tools, case studies, and resources
  • Live instructor support and experiences

 Check back for availability if dates are not present in the box or call 541.463.6200.

Offered in partnership with the Society of Human Resource Management and Lane Community College Employer Training Services.


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SHRM PHR/SPHR Learning System® Certification Prep Course

 Course Registration Number (CRN): 43887

Schedule Details: 4-7 pm   Day: Tuesday
Start Date: 04/01/2014    End Date: 06/17/2014
Instructor(s): Dennis Carr, M.S.I.R./SPHR/PHR, Executive Director for Human Resources, Lane Community College
Hours: 36
Location: LCC Downtown Campus,101 West 10th Ave, Eugene, Room 220


Class Notes:

Class is limited to the first 24 students and offers 12 classes of three hours each, plus one Saturday, 6 hour sample test session with the instructor (36 hrs. minimum). You will receive 3.5 CEUs from Lane and a certificate of completion from SHRM.

Contact Dennis Carr, 541.463.5585 or for more information or call 541.463.6200 or email to register. 


* 43887- $1304* Standard registration, includes materials.

* 43889- $1142* Current SHRM members and for qualified 501(c)3 non-profit or charitable organizations, department consent is required. For currently enrolled students, proof of enrollment is required. Includes materials.

43890- $394* Repeating students from the previous class that already have the 2013 SHRM Learning System materials, department consent is required.

*Registrations received after March 21, 2014 will be assessed a $50 late fee.


2013 Edition of the SHRM Learning System® with web tests and online tools to enhance your learning experience.  

If no dates are displayed, please check back for availability in the future call 541.463.6200.

SHRM PHR/SPHR Learning System® Certification Prep Course

Quality Preparation is the Key to Success

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The program focuses on the body of knowledge; helps you assess your competency level; refreshes areas you may not currently be practicing. Periodic progress checks and homework exercises include sample questions to reinforce classroom sessions and topics that may appear on the certification exam. A recent study showed HR certified individuals are more marketable in their careers, serve in higher level job positions and enjoy a higher level of credibility.*  It also reported that employers believe certification demonstrates an employee’s commitment to the HR profession, adds validity and credibility to the department, assures current and up-to-date knowledge and provides opportunities for development.

This professional development program is designed for business owners, managers, or human resource professionals

  • Seeking continuing professional development and a broad overview of the field
  • Preparing to take the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®) certification examinations administered by the HR Certification Institute

The Course uses the SHRM Learning System® which is updated with current HR policies and legislation. As a professional development tool, the Learning System can increase a participant’s knowledge of the field of human resources and provide current reference of HR practices. As a certification preparation tool, the Learning System has a measurable track record of success for those qualified to sit for the exam.

By enrolling in this course, you’ll benefit from

Experienced instructors present the SHRM Learning System® materials in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Training close to home.
  • A structured learning environment to keep you on schedule.
  • Opportunity to build your peer network.
  • Course fees often qualify for tuition reimbursement.
  • 3.5 continuing education units (CEUs) for successful completion of the course.
The course investment includes all course materials but does not cover registration for the PHR® or SPHR® examinations.

Course content

The SHRM Learning System® course features printed workbooks, over 1,500 test questions, an Online Resource Center, an interactive case study, and the SPHR® Preparation Book, designed especially for SPHR® candidates.

What will you learn?

The key to the success of the PHR®/SPHR® certification and the SHRM Learning System® is the relevance of the content to the needs of today’s HR professionals. The SHRM Learning System® teaches the following six modules covering the HR Certification Institute body of knowledge tested in PHR®/SPHR® exams.





       Module 1: Strategic Business Management

  • Role of HR in organizations
  • HR strategy
  • Evaluating the internal and external environment
  • HR and the legislative and regulatory environment

        Module 4: Total Rewards

  • Compensation structure and systems
  • Benefit programs
  • Compensation and benefits legislation
  • Administering and evaluating compensation and benefits programs

        Module 2: Workforce Planning and Employment

  • Employee rights, privacy, and consumer protection legislation
  • Organizational staffing requirements
  • Recruitment, selection, and retention

        Module 5: Employee and Labor Relations

  • Labor relations legislation
  • Union organizing, and collective bargaining
  • Unfair labor practices
  • Employee involvement and engagement

        Module 3: Human Resource Development

  • Organizational development
  • Training and development
  • Talent management
  • Performance management

        Module 6: Risk Management

  • Organizational risk
  • Workplace safety, health, security, and privacy
  • Risk management legislation

Course participants will also receive the SPHR® Preparation Book specifically designed for SPHR® candidates.

The SHRM Learning System® provides the most comprehensive and effective PHR®/SPHR® training program through a blended format of printed workbooks and web-based study tools.  This easy-to-use system includes three key elements:

1.    Printed workbooks

  • Six print modules teach the HRCI body of knowledge tested in PHR® and SPHR® exams.
  • Printed glossary of terms and subject index provided for each module.
  • Easy-to-identify icons highlight key content and links to additional resources.
  • SPHR® Preparation Book specifically designed for SPHR® candidates.

2.   Online tools with mobile access

  • Practice Tests
  • Pre-test to gauge current knowledge.
  • Module-specific tests to check mastery of key topics
  • Post-test that mirrors the HR Certification exam to increase test taking confidence
  • Flashcards
  • Over 750 covering all six modules
  • Glossary
  • Comprehensive reference for easy reference online or while reading the materials
  • Interactive case study
  • Features real-life scenarios and questions to apply concepts

3.    Resource Center

  • HR Updates highlighting up-to-date legislative changes and new HR developments
  • Free audio and webcasts for each module
  • Test-taking strategies for the HRCI exam
  • Ask The Expert feature for individualized follow-up questions
  • Links to key HR information cited in the modules
  • Feedback feature

New “Plan to Pass” tool

Setting a realistic study plan is critical to your success. SHRM® has created a valuable tool called “Plan to  Pass” that guides your studies. It takes your score from the pretest (included in the SHRM Learning System®) factors in your level of HR experience and creates a study plan based on areas that require the most attention. You can also track your progress as you study to ensure you’re reaching your goals.

Investing in Yourself

When you complete this course, you’ll be prepared to take the PHR® or SPHR® exam with confidence. Year after year, professionals who use the SHRM Learning System® to prepare for certification exams consistently beat the national pass rate.

When asked if certification was worth the cost and effort, HR professionals, on average, attributed a personal ROI of 253% to personal certification. Over one-third believed the benefits were worth more than five times the cost, suggesting an ROI of 476%!*

In addition to certification preparation, the SHRM Learning System® helps participants develop a generalist point of view, refresh key ideas and concepts, strengthen their understanding of core competencies and increase productivity. Long after completing the course, Learning System materials will serve as a valuable day-to-day operations manual, providing answers to a wide range of HR challenges.

It’s time to invest in yourself and your career by becoming HR certified. Our preparation course will keep you on track and enhance your learning and experience.

Certification information

The HR Certification Institute requires HR professionals planning to sit for the PHR® or SPHR® exams to have a combination of demonstrated work experience and education.  For additional information, visit Certification Handbook.

HR Certification Institute exam dates are listed in HR Certification Handbook.

If you have any further questions regarding the PHR® or SPHR® exams, please visit, call the HR Certification Institute at +1-866-898-4724, or send an e-mail to

Offered in partnership with the Society of Human Resource Management and Lane Community College.

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Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

 Course Registration Number (CRN): 43854

Schedule Details: 6-7:30 pm   Day: Thursday
Start Date: 05/29/2014    End Date: 05/29/2014
Instructor(s): Carmack
Hours: 1.5
Location: LCC Downtown Campus, 101 West 10th Ave, Eugene, Room 312


Class Notes:

Offered free of charge. Preregistration three business days ahead required. Register online or call the Lane SBDC at 541.463.6200.

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

This workshop provides an overview of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for employers, both large and small. We will discuss compliance and the latest updates to the law, as well as various tax strategies and credits. For the benefit of small business owners and their employees, this session will put more emphasis on small employers and will also include some discussion about how the ACA affects individuals.

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New! Developing Advanced Customer Service

 Course Registration Number (CRN):

Schedule Details:   Day:
Start Date:     End Date:
Instructor(s): Morgan Munro
Hours: 12
Location: LCC Downtown Campus, 101 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, Room TBA


Class Notes:

Class will be offered Fall Term.

For more information call the Lane SBDC at 541.463.6200.

New! Developing Advanced Customer Service

Are your customers and staff raving about your great customer service? They will be after you take this course! With help, walk through a rigorous self-evaluation of your current customer service offerings. Then, examine your competition and see how they compare. Finally, develop and implement your own company-specific standards and process, ensuring consistent internal and external customer service. Topics discussed will also include hiring, on-boarding, writing scripts, coaching, corrective action and feedback. This class is intended for high level employees who want to build a culture of quality customer service. Companies are encouraged to send a team of employees, who will design and refresh their organization's customer service. Individual students are also welcome.

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