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For Business Advising:


Go to Register For Counseling to fill out and submit the online form.

For Classes or Workshop:

You may use any of the following ways to register for classes or workshops:

  1. Fill out the registration form and email the form to
  2. Call the SBDC at 541.463.6200 and have the course number (CRN) and the title ready. You will need to give your name, address, birth date, and contact information.
  3. Print registration form, fill it out, and fax the registration to the SBDC at 541.463.6203.
  4. Print registration form, fill it out, and mail the registration to: Lane Community College, Small Business Development Center, 101 West 10th Avenue, Suite 304, Eugene OR 97401.

Registration Form

With submission of this registration form, Lane SBDC will register you into the Lane student registration system as a charge. You will need to complete the process by paying your bill online at website using the myLane web page and your student identification number (L#)
and PIN/pass phrase (a current email address will also be required).

if you are not familiar with Lane’s myLane web registration process or don’t have an ‘L#’ and pin. We will email you the steps to pay the outstanding charge. Lane does not mail out invoices, it is your responsibility to pay the charge online or by mail.

If you wish, returning students may log into Lane's myLane registration system:

You can use myLane to search for classes, register, make payments, and view your transcript, as well as many other functions. You must have a student identification number (L#) number, a Pin/pass phrase, as well as a current email address to use myLane. To obtain an 'L#', have trouble logging in, or if you have any other questions, please call the Lane Business Small Development Center at 541.463.6200.

Policies and Procedures:

The information and address that you provide on the registration form are used for Small Business Development Center (SBDC) marketing purposes, financial reporting, and data management. By filling out this form you are consenting to this use.

Attendance at this (these) event(s) will be transcripted by Lane Community College. Lane safeguards the privacy of your personal information in accordance with federal FERPA guidelines.

Refunds and Withdrawals:

If you choose to not attend a class or workshop, it is your responsibility to withdraw from the class or workshop.

  • Any class or workshop scheduled for less than 10 weeks must be dropped a minimum of three business days prior to the first session.
  • Classes scheduled for 10 weeks or more must be dropped no later than the end of the first week of class.
  • For drops after the start date, there is no guarantee of refund or credit to your account. Your written request will be considered and you will be notified once a decision is made. Note: Refunds are generally given when there is sufficient documentation of medical or extenuating circumstances constituting an emergency.

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Material is subject to change without notice. 

Lane SBDC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Service Provider.